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Hi welcome to NETHERMOBIUS~ Please read the rules before registering for our Oekaki!!

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What is Oekaki???

How to Oekaki?, Click "Draw" in the top banner and use one of the included applets to draw directly in your browser, or use Paint Tool Sai with Binary tool, or use AZPainter2 which has everything that ChickenPaint and Shi-Paint has but on a standalone program via upload feature.

Notable Examples

NOTICE If you are using chrome then you must use either the "ChickenPaint (HTML5)" applet or standalone AZPainter2 program.
You cannot use the Java Applets as chrome after update 45 stopped and discontinued java support.
If you want to use a different applet you must use a different browser, use AZPainter2, or PaintToolSAI (Via Binary tool)

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[11] [Comment] Artist: Shiba | Title: Happy Happy Cream | Time: 34m 58s
Pic #11

Chicken Paint
Shiba @ Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 10:32 PM
I gave Cream drawing another shot this one turn out betterish.
GalaxyViolet @ Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 1:05 AM
she looking really cute and much improvement from the last one, really good job Shiba~
Shiba @ Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 8:15 PM
Thanks X3

[10] [Comment] Artist: Shiba | Title: Worried Cream el Rabbit | Time: 28m 11s
Pic #10

Chicken Paint
Shiba @ Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 7:42 PM
Well i most likely be drawing a lot of Cream and OC stuff.

Though i haven't draw on a Oekaki board since forever man i suck at this e.e;

My god uploading this turns out i miss somthings so the coloring is mess up oops... e.e;
GalaxyViolet @ Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 7:44 PM
awwz its really cute~
ShawnLeeGuku @ Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 7:46 PM
Looks good, I like the chalky look

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