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Hi welcome to NETHERMOBIUS~ Please read the rules before registering for our Oekaki!!

Please Note, due to a server configuration issue, registration emails may go into your "SPAM" please check there before contacting an admin.

GalaxyViolet is the Admin of this Netherworld and as Overlord any Vassals that are out of line will be eviscerated with a ban.

*Mobian related Oekaki, furs are welcomed too but the general theme of this place is sonic related so please be moderate on what you draw.
*OCs are also allowed but also must be used in moderation.
*no extreme fetishes allowed, such as scat, diaper, guro, etc.
*please remember to mark 18+/NSFW content as such when submitting
*and don't multi-register for an account, we will get to your account activation asap.

If you need to contact us please send me a PM via InkBunny: GalaxyViolet on InkBunny

Oekaki must stay close to the original formula, use binary tools on SAI or use AZPAINTER2

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Please for the sake of the site please no underaged characters or any uncomfortable material like scat, diaper, etc. Thank You <3